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The last book in "The Group" series is now available! 

Keegan is the seventh book in a series that chronicles the healing journey of seven young people in the fictional community of Rabbit Lake. 

Keegan Littledeer, the assistant police chief of Rabbit Lake, wonders if the long hours and danger he faces every day as a police officer is taking too much of a toll on his young family. 

Please ask us about special rates for the entire series, and discounts for schools, libraries and other organizations.

Begin each day with
 a heart-felt talk with God then listen to the Holy Spirit speak to you as you read and meditate on each Bible verse. 

Every day is a gift from God, so let’s start now - our Heavenly Father is waiting.

31 Days with God is a daily devotional which you can use each month as you journey with God.
Each day has a prayer and a page of Bible reading for you.

Nena is the Cree word for "me" and this book is the story of Irene Young's journey in "finding Nena."

Irene is an elder from Opaskwayak Cree Nation. She has five children and eighteen grandchildren. She is a residential school survivor and an Elder for the University and the Community College in Brandon, MB.  Irene currently works as a Community Justice Worker.

begins with her carefree childhood and adolescence in the community of Opaskwayak Cree Nation, and continues on through to Nena's elder phase. The book also contains profiles of her helpers, to whom she is passing on the traditional teachings of her people. 


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